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Chris Shake Enterprises

“Almost every day, I hear a story that a customer will share about an experience they had with my dad. The fact that a customer says that your father would be proud of you — that you’re carrying on in his footsteps — there’s no greater feeling than knowing you are following in your dad’s footsteps. That is what life is all about.” - Chris Shake

Chris Shake and his family have been a fixture on the Monterey Peninsula for more than 60 years. Chris literally grew up on the wharf, it was there where he learned the value of hard work and developed his passion for the restaurant business while working alongside his father Sabu in the family business.

Chris is a familiar figure to anyone who visits the wharf, he is extremely dedicated to his family and his community and is deeply committed to preserving the sustainability of the ocean’s harvest. Chris is currently involved in several business ventures and a wide range of special projects. He, along with his brothers, has honored their father by launching the Sabu Shake, Sr. Memorial Fund to benefit local and national charities.